About Us

Optical Lab Software Solutions Inc. (OLSS) is an established leader in the optical industry with more than 28 years of proven performance as a lab management software systems provider for optical laboratories. We specialize in prescription eyewear manufacturing software and complete business solutions for wholesale and retail ophthalmic laboratories across the globe.

We represent the best in LMS technology services today!

Featuring OPTUITIVE™ -  the first browser based LMS to be offered for cloud environments and a powerfull Smart User Experience™.

And industry proven LMS brands:

  • Optifacts Software
  • Vision Star Software
  • OMICS Software

OLSS was established in 2009 to unite three prominent lab management software companies in to one – forming an amazing team of professionals with expert-level proficiency in software development, systems and hardware technology, ophthalmic lens processing technology, laboratory production management, and optical business acuity. 


OLSS actively employs 57 long-term dedicated resources located in 4 offices throughout North America including headquarters in Dallas, TX; and customer service and development in Sartell, MN; Portland, OR; and Moncton, NB Canada.

OLSS serves hundreds of highly distinguished optical labs throughout the worldand is privileged to manage more individual prescription lens lab orders in North America than any competing LMS system. Our clients include large retail chains, manufacturer owned labs, independent wholesale labs, military labs, safety labs, and integrated retail labs, scaling from 25 jobs per day to 30,000+ jobs per day. Please visit our clients page to learn more.  

OLSS Vision

To empower optical labs with innovative software technology that fosters long term stability, growth,
and maximum profitability in their business.

OLSS Mission

Be the leading software technology consulting and development firm for the eye care industry world-wide, specializing in prescription eyewear manufacturing software and business management solutions for optical laboratories.


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