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New in 2014

  • Hoya FreeForm Interface
  • Signet Kodak Rx Card Printing
  • VCA Digital Tag Enhancements
  • Essilor Varilux S Digital
  • Satisloh Micro-Lab
  • Satisloh OBM™

Direct Lab

Direct- Lab is an internet based remote ordering, remote tracing, and customer care software solution for laboratories using the OMICS lab management solution. Direct-Lab will quickly become your customers preferred method to submit electronic eyeglass orders, confirm product availability, and request real-time job status information from your lab. 
Direct-Lab is simplistic yet powerful with user-friendly data entry screens that prompt your remote user for appropriate order information while validating each entry they make. Lens style, material, tint and coating combinations are easily selected from drop down menus supplied by your laboratory’s OMICS software to ensure only products and services actually provided by your lab are presented in the Direct-Lab order screen. Remote users can perform fast job status checks receiving real-time status information back from your lab. Frame tracer interfacing is available (and optional) for all popular tracing devices to capture, store, and view frame shape data directly from the Direct-Lab order entry screen.
Direct-Lab exclusively promotes your lab. Direct-Lab establishes a direct communication link between your lab and your customers. No third parties are involved. The information shared between you and your customer remains private within your own organization without any negative impact to your bottom line! The Direct-Lab screen is “private labeled” to display your lab logo and help promote your business every time your customer logs in. (Company logo must be supplied to OMICS in an approved image file format).
Direct-Lab provides a secure and stable environment for data sharing. The Direct-Lab software is installed on your lab’s network. Remote users access your Direct-Lab software by connecting directly to your lab using internet based Thin-Client technology that is supplied with the Direct-Lab solution.  The remote user requires no onsite installation and is virtually maintenance free.  Periodic software updates are not necessary since the program files do not actually reside on the remote user’s computer (the files reside on the lab’s network). Each time a remote user connects to your Direct-Lab system, they will access the most recent data you have available since Direct-Lab is updated automatically by your lab’s OMICS system.  As you add or change the lens products in your lab’s OMICS system, OMICS will automatically update your Direct-Lab software with the new information.
How does Direct-Lab interface with OMICS? Your OMICS lab management software automatically processes all aspects of each remote order virtually eliminating manual order entry at your lab. OMICS runs a remote order processing session that constantly looks for incoming requests from remote users. As they arrive, OMICS imports each order into the order entry database, assigns a tray number, selects the most appropriate lenses, attaches all corresponding technical data, performs surface calculations, determines pricing, logs the transaction details to job tracking, and prints out the work ticket. If OMICS is not able to process a job for some reason, it saves the order information un-validated in the order file and alerts your staff by printing an “order received but can’t process” message instead of the work ticket.  Requests for job status checks are also handled automatically by OMICS. When a status request comes in, OMICS job tracking determines the status for all current jobs in progress for that particular remote user account and replies to Direct-Lab with a complete status update including the lab order number, patient name, tray number, current status, location in lab, and the date ordered.
Licensing, Installation, and Training Requirements:
Direct-Lab is licensed directly to the participating laboratory, not the individual doctor. All that is required is enough available OMICS licenses to permit remote users to login to your Direct-Lab software simultaneously.  Installation is simple and does not require an onsite technician. Training can be accomplished over the phone in a short period of time. Remote user setup, training, and technical support is the labs responsibility.
Requirements for the Remote User:
DSL or Cable Internet Access
Requirements for the Lab: