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New in 2014

  • Hoya FreeForm Interface
  • Signet Kodak Rx Card Printing
  • VCA Digital Tag Enhancements
  • Essilor Varilux S Digital
  • Satisloh Micro-Lab
  • Satisloh OBM™


Optical Software's primary software package is designed for surfacing laboratories and is suitable for both wholesale and retail lab environments of any size. The OMICS package is a full management system completely modular in nature. This means you can purchase and implement only the software "steps" or modules you need now for your laboratory, with the ability to add any Steps you had initially skipped at any time in the future. OMICS consists of five main Steps.

  • Step 1 is our base module, and is for Surface Calculations with Machine Interfacing. This step must be in place before any other steps can be added to your system.  
  • Step 2 includes Complete Lens Catalogue, Automatic Blank Selection, Lens Pick Verification and Perpetual Inventory Control. 
  • Step 3 covers Order Entry with Billing, Invoicing and Account Receivable functions. 
  • Step 4 is for  Job Tracking and Customer Service Tools. 
  • Step 5 is a Custom Report Writer.  

Our solutions are technically sound and proven systems. Ongoing R & D ensures that each product suite remains up to date with the latest industry trends and developments. Trained technicians who understand our software, computers and the optical industry, staff toll free support lines.