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New in 2014

  • NR7 for Linux 
  • Signet Kodak Rx Card Printing
  • Hoya FreeForm Interface (coming soon)



OPTIFACTS Next Release v.7 - Release Announcement

This is a special announcement for Optifacts NextRel7 – The next version 7 release for Optifacts Lab Management Software is available.

NextRel7 will be a significant update for labs using Optifacts Software and includes a platform upgrade to Linux technology, and many new software enhancements and features.

The initial release date for NextRel7 was Nov 2011. Installations are scheduled based on customer interest and their readiness to support the Linux environment. NextRel7 will allow labs to run functionally “as they do today”, and optionally activate new features at their own discretion.

Below is a partial preview of some new options and features in Optifacts NextRel7:

  • Retooled for the Linux environment
  • Two New Windows Screens (with graphical user interface):
  • New Quick Lookup (view jobs, apply credits, or launch recalls)
  • New Bulk Stock Order Entry (handles back orders!)
  • Commercial Product Selector (“drill-down” menu to select lens, material, and color in one key stroke!) Commercial Branding Editor (capture special measurements for digital products)
  • Job Flow Management (New controls verify each job flows through the production process in proper sequence and ships with 100% accuracy)
  • Job Station Alerts (a message can appear at a future station to alert operators of special instruction, or stop the job)
  • Frame to Come Management (track frames in numbered bins with auto-assign tray numbers and trace linking, before or after the job comes in)
  • Frame and Parts Inventory Control Calculate Estimated Delivery Dates for Jobs Enhanced Job Feasibility Screen (can show blank selection results, quantity on hand, price of order, estimated delivery date, and user edit option before print)
  • New Frame Shape Library (8 common shapes with 400+ points to start frame to come jobs with accurate thickness)
  • Consolidated stock pick ticket to fill multiple orders of finished lens Rx jobs (simply wand each lens at mail-out and produce invoice!)
  • Email Reminders/Alerts (set-up user definable messages to alert customers on reasons for job delays, still waiting for frame, etc.)
  • Need help with Marketing Campaigns? (new features to support marketing promotions like “buy 5 get 1 free”, etc.)


  • All major lens manufacturers.
  • All common styles, blank sizes, lens materials and bases.
  • Easy to edit, add, change, delete and print out.
  • Easy to learn and operate in one sitting.
  • Virtually unlimited capacity.


  • Easier to learn, faster throughput for operators.
  • Increased accuracy on cut-out, prism control, power and thickness.


Frame Data Base


  • Allows surfacing layout and other processing information to be accurate.
  • Store frame pricing for use with and stock pricing.
  • Considers all necessary information to make finishing layout and edger settings accurate.
  • Easy to edit, add, change, delete, print out.
  • Use frame trace interface programs to easily store frame data for use on uncut and "Frame to Come" jobs.

Includes these built in factors:

  • Pattern hole centering
  • Frame eye size errors corrected
  • DBL / Bridge differences for correct P.D's
  • True pattern size and box dimensions
  • Frame usage
  • Pattern circumference
  • Availabilities


  • More accurate finished lens thickness, cut-out information and blank size requirements.
  • No manual measurements on lenses and frames.
  • Fewer rejects due to errors in entry.
  • Screen shows availabilities, doesn't allow invalid entries.
  • Easy to learn, faster to operate.
  • Accurate finishing layout.
  • Accurate edger settings.
  • Produces valuable frame reports.
  • Frame names for input verification
  • Pattern location and edger settings for finishing department



Features Are:

  • The program is part of the layout entry process and actually reduces the number of entries for your keyboard operators! In concert with the inventory program, the computer will select lenses based on availability from your stock.
  • Flexibility has always been a key in design of the Optifacts system, and now with the blank selection program Optifacts allows you utilize automatic blank selection and still override any of the (1) base curve (2) blank size or (3) lens manufacturer entries manually.
  • Use your people more effectively. Let the the computer choose the blank and use the inventory program to show bin location. No guess work, no searching, and the computer doesn't take vacation.
  • Blank Selection will search your stock for the optimal lens for each prescription. You control whether to use stock or a semi-finished lens.
  • No longer will your people with the most optical knowledge have to do the tedious job of Blank Selection.
  • Waste is reduced by picking the optimal lens for the .
  • You can update your system and change vendor preferences quickly and easily.
  • You determine the vendors and diameters from which the computer chooses.
  • You control the base curve ranges for different effective sphere powers.
  • You control safety margins for cut-out on an account by account basis to reduce "no-cuts".
  • You control different safety margins for edged and uncut work so "in-house" work uses minimum blank size and uncuts have enough room to cut out.
  • Selection formula blends cosmetics and acuity to produce cosmetically appealing work with fewer "no adapts." Blank Selection is an Add-In module that integrates tightly with the base system as well as with the Inventory module.

Accounts Receivable

It's designed to help you analyze who your customers are, where your business is growing, and it also provides beneficial tools and reports to maintain and develop your business.

Just a few features include:

  • Automatic Month-End Statements to your specific billing and cut-off date. Use your choice of, or a combination of Balance Forward Accounting or Open Item Accounting.
  • Trial Balance Reports check month-to-date business levels before producing statements.
  • Customer Sales History Reports allow analysis of customer's 13 month history, and composes year-to-date in terms of material, revenue, and product breakdown.
  • Daily Sales Analysis breaks down , stock, frames, lens materials, and more.
  • Sales Territory Analysis includes sales commission reports, breaking out the information needed for each sales area.
  • Customer Ranking Report allows you to sort your accounts from best to worst and back again. Sort accounts based upon purchase volume or dollars per invoice. Then sort customers by number of credits or credit value per invoice.
  • Comprehensive Aging and Credit Reports, provides daily reports for each account with 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, or 120 day - and current balances. You can even flag accounts as needed for credit collection. When an account is flagged, all invoicing from Layout or Stock is pre-empted and the operator informed the account is on hold.
  • At a glance you can see what has been billed, what has been paid, what is due from previous periods, and how much has been accumulated in the current period. These values are available for each account and for your entire company based on online calculations.
  • Invoice Listing, packing lists, work-in-process reports, cash receipts reports, and more add even more utility.
  • An additional package is available to transmit your invoice data electronically from one branch to another. So, you can put Optifacts in your branch labs and maintain all accounting at the main lab. The receivable system is so broad that you could even run the accounting for two or more sites as separate companies!



Features include:

  • A pricing system that greatly reduces billing error losses. Recover gross sales often lost in billing errors.
  • Price lists and structure can be preloaded by Optifacts to reduce start-up time. You can be pricing the day the system is installed!
  • Total pricing package custom-designed to your pricing structures.
  • Automatically prices 's, stock lenses, frames, contact lenses, parts, and special services.
  • Identifies, itemizes, and totals all invoices with all the information you need included.
  • Pricing information is keyed simultaneously with processing information. This single entry procedure produces an work ticket for your lab and a priced invoice for your customer, in seconds and from the same entries. Automatically price frames from the frame database along with your work.
  • Automatically handles sales tax, special discounts in percentages or dollars, doctor's errors, and special add-ons.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Easy to change prices, add lenses or specials to price lists, and change itemizations for billing categories.
  • Easy to print price sheets and reports. Easy to change entire pages of price lists by dollars or percentages in seconds.
  • Accommodates different price lists for different customers automatically. Handles multiple price lists: Lens manufacturers, Lens colors, Lens diameters, Lens Materials, Edged, Uncut, Stock, Safety, Groups of accounts, or any combination of the above!
  • Allows for different pricing for different manufacturers of same products such as progressive or aspheric lenses. Up to 32,767 different price lists possible for almost limitless configurations in pricing.
  • Prepare books to send to your customers... throw away those address graph plates!
  • Pricing for contact lenses with usage reports to meet supplier requirements.
  • Stock pricing allows four purchase levels for lenses based upon volume. You may over ride the volume scale and assign specific customers to any of the four levels. This includes contact lenses!
  • Design your own pricing special. Operator can reassign specific jobs (coupon specials, etc) to specific price lists via a light-up option. Change pricing on any item in a specialized price list and run your special as long or as short as you like.
  • Optionally print itemized costs for each item on the invoice.
  • Optionally print maximum possible discount total on invoice if statement paid on time.
  • Print a crisp computer generated form that shows the information and pricing in clear print. Comment fields are available so those special instructions do not get lost. Shipping methods will be printed to remind the mailroom of your customer's preference.
  • Print pricing totals directly onto the forms your customer fills out.


Inventory and Electronic Order Entry

  • Inventory and EOE are bundled into a single add-on module for Optifacts.
  • A simple verify program allows "pickers" to verify that the blanks they choose match the job.
  • Lose fewer of the expensive progressives and waste less processing time due to senseless picking errors. Utilize the latest technology in bar-coding for total error-free verification of lenses with the job.
  • You place the order. Orders are not placed automatically without your consent.
  • Computer will generate forms to aid in physical inventory counts.
  • The computer suggests orders based on current usage or a minimum / maximum formula that reviews usage history. You choose which method.
  • At any time you may alter a suggested order to meet your needs.



Inventory control is always important, and when combined with Optifacts Electronic Order Entry, you have the leading Inventory Control system available for optical laboratories. 


  • Fast inquiry. Query for items by product description or SKU's. (Barcode numbers)
  • You define the level of inventory to maintain.
  • We supply SKU's for most of the major vendors.
  • Use of wild cards help you pinpoint the group of lenses you're interested in.
  • Allows for blank selection (in Blank Selection module) based on inventory availability.
  • Compute minimum / maximum levels of inventory to aid you in reducing costs.
  • Methods and reports to simplify and to aid in taking physical inventory.



(Electronic Order Entry)

Turn around time is greatly cut when orders can be sent electronically to the vendors. Inventory Control can aid you in reducing inventory levels while EOE increases your service level and saves you time. 


  • Suggested orders from inventory are translated into actual orders in the EOE system. After the inventory suggests the orders, a separate order is created for each vendor.
  • Each order can be printed, altered, and reprinted until you are satisfied.
  • Send the orders electronically or print them and fax them in.
  • System stores orders after sending. To receive orders, just flag backorders then accept the P.O. No need to scan the entire order into the system.
  • Faster turn around on purchase orders and shorts.
  • Shorts report maintains tray number for quick distribution when the blanks are received.
  • Print or display orders that have been sent, or received, or not yet received.
  • Edit / change orders before sending.
  • Accumulate orders and select only the vendors you want to order from.
  • Electronically order from vendors and receive confirmation of successful transmission.


Equipment Interfacing

One of the features of all these interfaces is that they will update job tracking to show the time and location of the job. Optifacts software supports a wide variety of equipment interfaces, including remote job entry.

Frame Tracer Interface

This interface allows the layout program to use highly accurate frame data to produce accurate edge thickness for all your framed work.
Optifacts can also use trace data with uncut work to give you better edge thickness control on presbyope prescriptions.
Interfaces supporting all major tracers in use. Ask for availability to communicate with your tracer.

Generator Interfaces

This software allows you to make efficient use of the most advanced grinding technology available. The numbers generated by the Optifacts layout calculations can be transmitted directly to the generator as needed. Errors in dial setting and key entry at the generator are virtually eliminated. Some models allow you to either read rounded tool numbers to match your tools or to read actual tools to cut the most accurate tools for the job possible. Other modules may restrict generating a lens before it has had enough time to set on the block. We also interface with the newer robotic generators.Interfaces supporting all major generators in use. Ask for availability to communicate with your generator.

Blocker Interfaces

Surface blockers, finish blockers, CAD.
Interfaces supporting all major lens blockers in use. Ask for availability to communicate with your lens blocker.

Edger Interfaces

Interfaces supporting all major lens edgers in use. Ask for availability to communicate with your lens edger.

Job Tracking

Problem: Lab's cannot afford wages and benefits to pay people to physically look for trays. Even the common paging systems stop everyone in the lab to look for one tray.

Solution: Optifacts Job Tracking system is cheaper and quicker, and your customers have a better impression of your lab when their questions are answered quickly. If that is not enough reason to buy Job Tracking, consider all the additional information you get without any extra work!

  • Job Flow analysis
  • Breakage reporting
  • Job timing
  • Production reporting
  • Manual and automatic faxing of reports to your accounts. [optional]
  • Use these reports to insure that your time is spent on the production area that needs it most.


  • Don't run all over your lab to find a tray.
  • Look up trays by account, patient name, invoice number, date, or tray number.
  • Date needed report. Know immediately which jobs are needed today or tomorrow, instead of when it's too late. Job Tracking will aid you in locating problems in a department or a particular job.
  • Work in Process. Know the location and number of jobs in the lab by station. "A snap shot picture of 's in the lab." Job Flow analysis will show you the number of jobs that have passed through specific departments on specific days.
  • Know the job types that were broken on specific days. Get this information grouped by your own customized breakage codes.
  • Track warranty and returns by account and by your own error reasons.
  • The production reporting module will supply a break down on type and number of mail-ins and mail-outs for special days. Breakage and return totals are included.
  • The job timing report gives you the composite average time to process active and delayed jobs through the lab.


State of the Art Equipment

The Optifacts Job Tracking system utilizes the most current scanning and reading technology available. Configure the tracking system to fit your needs. Put in bar code scanners to quickly and easily log trays as they pass each station. Add terminals as needed to suit customer service needs. Do customer service inquiries from any terminal on the system. Portable bar code scanning allows sub stations to be set up, (as many as you want, and where you want). Quickly scan the 's into each area as needed.