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New in 2014

  • NR7 for Linux 
  • Signet Kodak Rx Card Printing
  • Hoya FreeForm Interface (coming soon)


Optifacts Enhanced Reporting Application

OPTERA is a powerful reporting module for use with Optifacts Software® that allows you to easily create custom reports, graphs, tables, and vivid charts in Microsoft™ Excel.

OPTERA will benefit all Optifacts Software users who need to produce custom-designed reports beyond the standard Optifacts system reports, or need to extract data from Optifacts for external uses.

OPTERA provides a direct ODBC link to the data stored within the Optifacts Software data tables. Data is displayed in a user-friendly format called “SQL Views” that are easy to understand and work with. Using Microsoft™ Excel (or any ODBC compliant software program of your choice), you will have full ability to view, search, sort, and report on the data in almost any way you can imagine with built in protection that keeps you from changing or deleting your original stored data.

Several pre-designed Excel report templates are supplied to ensure you are able to putOPTERA to use with minimal training. Advanced users can build from existing report templates or design new reports from scratch. The possibilities are endless for individuals familiar with MS Excel!

PC Minimum system requirements: 512MB RAM, Greater than 2.0 GHZ Processor, At Least 10 GB free Hard disk space, Microsoft Excel 2000 or greater, Windows XP or Vista Operating System.

“I am in OPTERA HEAVEN this beautiful Friday morning! I promise OPTERA will be utilized more than you know. Great job guys….I am so happy!”

- Stephanie Bryant of Southwest Lens, Dallas, TX