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New in 2014

  • NR7 for Linux 
  • Signet Kodak Rx Card Printing
  • Hoya FreeForm Interface (coming soon)

Optifacts O2

Optifacts O²® is designed specifically for integrated retail and small wholesale surfacing laboratories processing under 100 jpd, Optifacts O² ® software is the first web-enabled laboratory software offered to the optical industry. 

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Using the power of the Internet Optifacts O² ® software delivers:

  • Highly advanced surfacing and finishing calculations.
  • Device interfaces to lab equipment.
  • Complete lens database with technical specs and barcodes.
  • Pricing & Invoicing
  • And much more. 

Optifacts O² ® software is practical, affordable and offers considerable advantages to traditional laboratory software utilized by small labs.

Contact us to find out how Optifacts O² ® software will benefit your lab today!

Optifacts O² Testimonies:

We are very pleased with the Optifacts O² software. We’ve refined our calculations to the point we have almost zero surfacing errors and when we do, we usually find it is human error not O².

Clarence Matthews; Drs. Bowling, Torrey, Hoch and Williams; Garden City, KS 

Optifacts O² is very user friendly compared to our previous software. The order entry process is so much simpler and the automated web updates for new lens products is a great help to us.

Dan Allen, Mountain West Optical, Twin Falls, ID

We process a wide variety of lenses and material with excellent results. The O2 calculations are extremely accurate.

Debbie Ingram, Bluegrass Optical, Lexington, KY

We are very pleased with Optifacts O². The integrated web services allow us to compete much more effectively with excellent lens processing and modern conveniences like remote ordering through VisionWeb

Scott Davis, Lookabill Optical Laboratory, Charlotte, NC

Lab management software is necessary whether you surface 25 or 500 jobs a day, but until now, the cost to implement such a program has hindered us from expanding in this area. Optifacts O² brings big system functionality down to a level that we can participate in affordably and efficiently.

Shawn Blades, Independent Eye Care, Danvers, MA.

The o¬nsite installation and training was invaluable and the technical support team takes really good care of us. We are very happy with the software and highly recommend it to other labs.

Anita Carter, Prchal & Prchal dba Albany Eye Care, Albany GA

The Transaction based pricing model is ideal for us because it allows our monthly payment to scale up and down according to how well our business performs each month.

Terry Tranmer, Mountain West Optical, Twin Falls, ID

OPTIFACTS O² is a registered trademark of Optifacts, Inc.