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New in 2014

  • Essilor Varilux S Digital
  • Hoya FreeForm Interface
  • Signet Kodak Rx Card Printing
  • Satisloh Micro-Lab
  • Satisloh OBM™

About VisionStar

Vision Star Software is a comprehensive lab management solution and installed in some of the largest and most respectable optical labs throughout the world.


Vision Star LLC was aquired by Essilor in 2006 and is now apart of Optical Lab Software Solutions LMS group.

Why VisionStar?

Experience: VisionStar has been in business for 30 years and is a leading supplier of wholesale and retail optical laboratory systems. 

Personnel: VisionStar has a large and diverse staff with the experience and skills necessary to support our laboratory system in any type of facility. 

Technology: VisionStar has aligned with major vendors such as Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Sybase, Linux and Objectif Lune to bring leading-edge technology to our customers that will improve their business performance and increase their return on investment. 

Scalability: VisionStar LMS is scalable to fit the size of any business. VisionStar can easily support small, medium and large laboratories. VisionStar can configure systems to support multiple laboratory locations in either a centralized or distributed environment. 

Customer Support: VisionStar provides customers emergency support 24 hours per day 365 days a year. 

Commitment: VisionStar is committed to optimizing the profitability of our customers by improving their operating efficiency, competitive position and ability to direct their business and serve their customers. 

VisionStar Laboratory Management System (LMS) 

VisionStar LMS is a dedicated Optical Manufacturing system. The application consists of modules for optical calculations, manufacturing control, machine/equipment interfaces and information management. The VisionStar LMS modules are designed to improve quality, enhance productivity and provide management control of all aspects of production in an optical laboratory. 

A user of VisionStar LMS can start with the LMS Production Management System which includes Accounts Receivable and Inventory Management. Optional modules for Contract Management, Job Flow Management, and Accounts Payable can be added to the Production Management System at any time. 

VisionStar LMS is constantly enhanced not just by VisionStar but, also by the research and development efforts of some of the largest companies in the information processing industry. 

The VisionStar LMS system is built upon very powerful toolsets

  • Oracle
  • HP Unix
  • Sybase Power Builder

Automated interfaces to almost every piece of optical production equipment are currently available for use with VisionStar LMS. VisionStar works with the producers of manufacturing equipment to insure that our customers can use the newest technology. VisionStar LMS incorporates the OMA interface as our standard. While some older production equipment required customized coding, the OMA interface is used for all current VisionStar LMS interface development.