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New in 2014

  • Essilor Varilux S Digital
  • Hoya FreeForm Interface
  • Signet Kodak Rx Card Printing
  • Satisloh Micro-Lab
  • Satisloh OBM™


LMS System Modules

  • Rx Order Entry 
  • Stock Order Entry 
  • Credit Processing 
  • Customer Service 
  • Pricing 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Laboratory Standards 
  • Job Tracking 
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Reporting 
  • Contract Management 
  • Job Flow Management 
  • Optional Modules
  • Accounts Payable 
  • AR Coating

Rx Order Entry 

Rx Order Entry provides an easy to use screen to quickly and easily enter Rx prescription orders. This application enables complete control over customer specific requirements based upon defaults set up in the customer and/or system profile. 

Features Include

  • Simple graphical user interface 
  • Informational window displays (drop downs) provide instant access to data 
  • Notification of account status, credit limits and purchase order limits 
  • Fast input direct from phone or paper documents 
  • Electronic input from multiple EDI sources 
  • Free form notepad for notes and comments on individual jobs 
  • Field level notes available for account specific reminders at order entry time 
  • Keyboard or bar code entry by description, UPC, OPC or user defined SKU 
  • Proposes special treatments like slab-off and prism thinning where indicated 
  • Interactive display of pricing and product availability for confirming telephone orders 
  • Integrated utilities like vertex compensation and compound prism 
  • Document number checking to eliminate duplicate order processing 
  • Optional drop-ship functionality for special order processing 
  • Default services or messages based on customer, material and lens style combinations.

Stock Order Entry 

Stock Order Entry provides an easy to use screen to quickly and easily enter non-prescription orders. This application maintains backorders by customer and vendor. When backorders are filled, the user can quickly and easily retrieve orders for processing. 

Features Include

  • Simple graphical user interface 
  • Information window displays (drop downs) provide instant access to data 
  • Simplified account access 
  • Generation of orders by barcode scanner or user defined descriptions 
  • Interactive display of pricing and product availability for confirming telephone orders 
  • Back order processing 
  • Prints easy to follow picking lists 
  • Bar Code verification of picked lenses, frames and stock items 
  • Easy to add shipping charges at the time of shipping

Credit Processing 

Credit Processing provides the functionality to monitor credit history for all orders. This application will prompt the user if an order has already been credited and displays the amount of the previous credit. 

Features Include

  • Simple graphical user interface 
  • Ability to recall original order detail for ease in credit processing 
  • Ability to generate a credit on-the-fly when the original order id is not available 
  • Ability to post credits to current or past-due balance accounts receivable 
  • User defined credit invoice format 

Customer Service 

Customer Service provides the ability to view summary and detail order information. The user can search for orders by job id, tray number, invoice number, enter date range, ship date range, promised date range, customer numbers and patient name. 

Features Include

  • On-line job lookup and display capability 
  • Historic order archiving allowing paperless job lookup 
  • Unlimited notes per order 
  • Ability to view orders by WIP, shipped or canceled orders 
  • Ability to modify ship to information 
  • Ability to modify order to be shipped to the patient 
  • Ability to view job history 
  • Ability to view breakage history 
  • Ability to view pricing detail 


Pricing features provide the ability to set up simple or very complex pricing schedules. This module supports item pricing or package pricing including user defined invoice descriptions per individual price list. 

Features Include

  • Supports unlimited complex Rx price lists 
  • Allows existing price lists to be copied, adjusted and activated with user defined future effective dates 
  • User defined quantity stock item pricing columns 
  • Simplified entry for add-on pricing 
  • Flexible invoice discounts 
  • Calculates sales tax by state, county, city and district 
  • Calculates shipping charges by customer 
  • Split billing for employee or customer co-payments 
  • Customized invoices by customer 
  • Prints multiple invoices or packing list by customer 
  • Print invoice at order entry or shipping 

Inventory Management 

Inventory Management provides effective monitoring and management of inventory usage and associated costs. By quickly pinpointing fast and slow moving items, the user can make informed decisions regarding merchandising, purchasing and replenishment. 

Features Include

  • Maintains perpetual inventory of lenses, frames, contacts, supplies and over-the-counter products 
  • User defined stocking levels with flexible user defined order frequency by vendor 
  • Bar code scanning of inventory receipts with variance reporting 
  • Bar code scanning of cycle/physical inventory with variance reporting 
  • Production can be maintained while cycle/physical count in process 
  • Supports EDI order processing for short/replenishment orders 
  • System allows for multiple stocking locations 
  • Supports in-house transfer of inventory between stocking locations 
  • Automatic calculating and printing of purchase orders (allows modification) 
  • Tracking of open purchase orders 
  • Reports overstock/understock situations 
  • Inventory adjustments by item,item group and OPC 
  • Return to vendor order management 
  • Usage substitution for replenishment of new items 
  • Bar code verification of picked lenses, frames and stock items 

Laboratory Standards 

Laboratory Standard provides an easy to use set of forms for managing laboratory processing options for all lens material and style combinations defined in the system. 

Features Include

  • Provides calculations for user defined lens, index or material 
  • Supports multiple blocking methods and any tool index or step size 
  • Automated base curve selection with user defined base curve charts 
  • Verifies thickness, cutout, OC and seg placement 
  • User definable block cure times for all types of lens blocking media 
  • Ability to define tool compensation based upon lens base curve, cross curve, style and material 

Job Tracking 

Job Tracking provides a wide range of tools for tracking job location witnin the laboratory. User defined departments provide maximum flexibility in targeting those areas where jobs tend to be delayed. Late jobs can be reported by customer, department or enter date. 

Features Include 

  • OMA standard interface for leading automated production equipment including blockers, generators and edgers 
  • Bar code tray tracking with logging of every job movement 
  • Bar code control for out of lab jobs and processes 
  • Verification at shipping that all processes were applied in production 
  • User defined breakage positions, reasons and technicians 
  • User defined departments, stations and combinations 
  • Automated QA testing with lensmeter interface 

Accounts Receivable 

The Accounts Receivable module allows the user to manage delinquent accounts before they become difficult to collect. System features provide complete control over Accounts Receivables with tools to monitor cash flow. 

Features Include 

  • Supports open item or balance forward cash payments 
  • User defined end of the month discounts 
  • Customer account inquiry screen reveals open balance/supporting detail 
  • Automatic sales tax reporting 
  • Finance charges generated selectively by account 
  • Notepad of action per customer 
  • Cash receipts edit report totals by division, company, and batch cash deposit list printed for internal or bank purposes 
  • Cash projections report based on individual customers actual payment history 
  • Detailed aging reports by customer or sales rep 
  • Customer balance displayed on cash receipts screen 
  • Underpayment and overpayment reporting/reconciliation 
  • Resubmit payment reporting 
  • Handles contract expiration 
  • Handles purchase order expiration 
  • Purge invoices by payment based on user defined criteria 


VisionStar Reports provides a comprehensive set of reports for laboratory, accounting, sales, inventory and executive management. Easy to use data extracts for customer information, job and production data enables the user to extract user defined data files that can be imported into tools such as MS Excel and MS Access. 

Features Include

  • Can be optionally integrated to a spreadsheet and/or word processor 
  • Report submitters provide multilevel selection criteria 
  • Many reports can be run by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or other user defined date range 
  • Report output can be run to the screen for quick review prior to printing or directly to a printer 
  • Report output can be generated to file formats such as PDF, XML, HTML, HTML Style Sheet, Postscript, RTF and comma delimited 

Contract Management 

The Contract Management module provides a wide range of applications for managing safety eyewear and third party contracts. Easy to use tools enable the user to set up contract rules, consolidated invoicing and reporting benefits utilization. 

Features Include

Contract Management 

  • Customer defined contract rules 
  • Maintains contract history 
  • Monitors purchase order limits 
  • Maintains user specific data fields 
  • Allows definition of dispensing fee charges/costs 
  • Supports customer specific messages at order entry 
  • Provider doctor number 
  • Billing code validation 
  • Billing code usage reporting 

Dispensing Fee Management

  • Maintains dispensing fee charged vs. paid to dispenser at the job level 
  • Automatic transfer of dispensing fees to accounts payable 
  • Dispensing fee remittance report 
  • Dispensing fee variance report 

Co-payment Management

  • Supports multiple tender types 
  • Supports credit card payments 
  • Supports payroll deduction 
  • Allows partial/complete payments 
  • Expected co-payment report 
  • Co-payment received report 

Contract Renewal

  • On-line review of contracts by expiration date 
  • On-line review of contract sales (detail and summary) 
  • Allows contract extensions 
  • Provide history of contract renewals 

Job Flow Management 

The Job Flow Management Module provides a wide range of applications for managing cells, shifts and job flow within the manufacturing environment. Productivity can be monitored by cell, shift and operator. Drill down breakage and rework inquiries provide up to the minute statistics by cell, shift, department, reason, position and operator. 

Features Include 

  • Definition of job flow by lens material, lens style and job type 
  • Definition of cells 
  • Definition of shifts 
  • Assignment of operator to a device 
  • Alerts for equipment calibration 
  • Drill-down analysis for breakage and reworks 

Accounts Payable 

The Accounts Payable module provides effective tools to maintain control over business expenses. Accessing real-time information reduces errors such as double and late payments, allows the user to take advantage of discounts and enables tracking of cash payment trends. Vendor inquires provide up to the minute payment and transaction information. 

Features Include 

  • Invoice payment based on flexible user defined criteria 
  • Vendor account inquiry screen provides open balances and supporting detail by vendor 
  • Sales tax payments recorded for simplified sales and use tax reporting 
  • Multiple views into vendor history and check history provide quick analysis 
  • •Expense distribution sets allow entry of G/L account information and percentages for accurate voucher distribution 
  • Automatic calculation of discounts, discount dates and due dates 
  • Vendor information shared across division and company boundaries 
  • Immediate check processing for previously established or “one time” vendors 
  • Preparation of 1099 for all vendors 
  • Supports “note pad” of activities per vendor 
  • Tickler/reminder report printed based upon note pad by action date or action code 
  • Automatic interface to A/R for checks clearing customer balances 
  • Fast check reconciliation by range of check numbers and exception 
  • Aging reports by vendor and due date or invoice date 
  • Purges invoices upon payment and bank processing of checks 

AR Coating 

The AR Coating module provides AR Coating facilities the functionality to enter orders, track orders through each step of the process, record breakages, generate invoices, generate statements, and maintain history. By using this module, AR Coating facilities can effectively manage workflow and increase profitability. 

Features Include 

  • Simple, graphical user interface 
  • Customer profile setup 
  • Customer defined price lists 
  • Coatings allowed/disallowed by customer 
  • Customer defined invoicing formats 
  • Order entry 
  • User defined process flow 
  • User defined ring types and selection criteria
    • Small 
    • Medium 
    • Large 
  • User defined container types and capacity load
    • Small 
    • Medium 
    • Large 
  • User defined process flow by service type and/or group 
  • Real time oven monitoring 
  • Customer inquiry displays work in process, shipped and cancelled orders 
  • Customer inquiry displays order history in AR coating facility 
  • Invoices generated at time of shipment 
  • Accounts receivable management 
  • AR coating reject reporting 
  • AR coating breakage reporting 
  • Customer redo reporting 
  • Sales analysis by customer, coating and/or territory