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Cloud Technology

Optuitive is a cloud-based Lab Management System (LMS) that leverages the experience and market knowledge of current systems, while looking forward to the future of the LMS. Keeping usability at the forefront of its design, Optuitive presents all aspects of lab management in a single solution with a simple interface that incorporates widely-used and understood web-based functionality. As a cloud-based solution, Optuitive relieves labs from valuable time and resource expenditures by moving the responsibilities of maintenance, support and performance to the Optuitive Support team and the cloud itself.

What is Cloud Computing?

In traditional implementations of LMSs, labs must acquire the necessary hardware, including a server, and deploy the software in a client-server relationship. This kind of configuration requires that all users of the software (the clients) must access an internal or a remote network where the server hosts the software. Users experience the constraint of the server’s computing power, as well as the constraint of accessing their network in order to use the LMS. Cloud computing addresses such restraints, as well as many others.

With cloud computing, the Optuitive team manages and runs Optuitive in a “cloud” environment. Simply put, the cloud replaces the server that each lab traditionally maintains to run their LMS. Maintenance and support becomes centralized to only the cloud, and becomes the responsibility of the Optuitive team. This means no more servers, no more costly hardware upgrades and no more IT support staff.

Because Optuitive is hosted from the central location of the cloud, users no longer need to rely on an internal network to access the LMS. All any user needs to access Optuitive is a computing device, such as a desktop computer or tablet, an internet connection, and a web browser. This decreases the expensive upkeep and compatibility issues of users’ computers, while increasing access to the LMS itself. As a lab, your employees gain access to your Optuitive by a unique and secure username and password. Though access is now available on a practically universal basis, each lab continues to maintain its own data and lab configurations.


Optuitive addresses many problems labs experience with their current LMS.

High Cost of Implementation and Ownership: Traditional LMSs not only require the cost of owning and using the software, but also additional costs, such as the server to run the LMS and IT staff to manage the hardware, system upgrades, and server issues.

Time Loss: Time is money, and traditional LMSs drain valuable time that is better spent on production and operations. Both IT and non-technical staff spend innumerable amounts of time keeping the LMS and its server running. Often labs depend on non-technical staff to take on important tasks that maintain the integrity of data and production, such as backing up the day’s work. Server down-time and slow-running LMSs can cripple a lab’s production. When a server is overloaded by users, the LMS also runs slower. If a server goes down completely, all production comes to a halt.

Unsecure Data: Not every lab has the resources to dedicate to a server room or to dedicate staff to safeguard data with backups, disaster recovery plans, and security measures. Servers depreciate and are subject to dust, temperature changes, and mishandling in a lab environment. Backups are forgotten by busy lab staff. An electrical storm takes the server down and all of this week’s jobs with it.

Modular LMSs: Traditional LMSs typically come with multiple modules that a user must access separately to achieve different tasks. New users must learn how to use each module in order to do their jobs. Current users juggle multiple windows on their desktop throughout the day to get their jobs done.


Optuitive provides solutions to many of the problems faced by labs using traditional LMSs.

Lower Cost of Ownership: By utilizing cloud computing, the costs of running and maintaining the software and hardware become the responsibility of the Optuitive team. Money used to buy hardware, upgrade hardware, and pay IT staff can now be funneled elsewhere.

Little to No Maintenance: The cloud environment places the maintenance of Optuitive, such as upgrades, bug fixes, and hardware upgrades, onto the Optuitive team. Labs can maintain focus on production and operations.

Increased Performance: Cloud computing provides a dynamic and elastic architecture that accommodates a lab’s workload. The amount of users in your lab using Optuitive no longer impacts performance. Further, labs have access to more than one calculator engine, further increasing performance and overall productivity.

Reliability: With its centralized location in the cloud, Optuitive provides a reliable environment that keeps your data secure. The Optuitive team keeps regular backups of your data and ensures disaster recovery and business continuity measures are in place. If a lab does lose data, than that data is restored in a timely manner. 

Usability: Optuitive combines all the tasks that users must complete in an LMS, and combines it into one, easy-to-use interface. Modules disappear. Access to enter an order, look up a customer, or view inventory are a simple click away.